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Tablacus Explorer History
Recent updates (17.5.24 or later)
17.5.14Some fix
17.5.3Some fix
17.4.29Some fix
17.4.24Countermeasure for Windows 10 Creators Update
17.4.22Some fix
17.4.18Some fix
17.4.10Some fix
17.4.9Some fix
17.4.5Some fix
17.4.4Some fix
17.4.3Some fix
17.4.1Some fix
17.3.30Adjusted: Network (HTTPS)
17.3.27Some fix
17.3.26Some fix
17.3.23Adjusted: Add-ons, 32bit
17.3.21Some fix
17.3.20Adjusted: Add-ons
17.3.15Adjusted: XP
17.3.14Adjusted: XP
17.3.12Some fix
17.3.11Some fix
17.3.8Adjusted: Update
17.3.7Some fix
17.3.6Some fix
17.3.5Added: About dialog
17.3.3Some fix
17.3.2Some fix
17.2.25Some fix
17.2.24Added Turkish language file. Special thanks to Ferhat Aydin
17.2.23Some fix
17.2.22Some fix
17.2.21Replaced GDI+ to WIC(Windows Imaging Component)
17.2.18Adjusted: Splitter
17.2.13Fix minor bugs
17.2.11Adjusted: TreeView
17.2.8Adjusted: Options(Position)
17.2.6Adjusted: Results folder
17.2.1Fix minor bugs
17.1.31Changed the compiler to Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition.
17.1.26Added: Progress Dialog
17.1.17Fix minor bugs
17.1.11Countermeasure for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14986 & 15002.
16.12.31Fix minor bugs
16.12.23Fix minor bugs
16.12.21Fix minor bugs
16.12.20Removed Windows 2000 measures.
16.12.10Fix minor bugs
16.12.9Fix minor bugs
16.12.8Fix minor bugs
16.12.6Fix minor bugs
16.11.30Fix minor bugs
16.11.22Fix minor bugs
16.11.6Adjusted: Menu Icon
16.11.2Adjusted: Change notify
16.10.28Adjusted: ListView
16.10.16Adjusted: Cut
16.10.14Adjusted: ListView
16.10.13Adjusted: ListView, TreeView
16.10.11Adjusted: Tabs, TreeView
16.10.4Adjusted: Icon
16.10.2Adjusted: TreeView, ListView
16.9.28Fix minor bugs
16.9.26Add-ons URL moved to tablacus.github.io.
16.9.17Fix minor bugs
16.9.15Fix minor bugs
16.9.12Fix minor bugs
16.8.21Fix minor bugs
16.8.15Adjusted: WebDAV, Result Folder, Lock
16.8.7Fix minor bugs
16.8.4Fix minor bugs
16.8.3Fix minor bugs
16.8.2Fix minor bugs
16.8.1Added Russian language file. Special thanks to Hunter User
16.7.28Fix minor bugs
16.6.28Fix minor bugs
16.6.22Fix minor bugs
16.6.18Fix minor bugs
16.6.15Fix minor bugs
16.6.2Fix minor bugs
16.5.30Fix minor bugs
16.5.19Fix minor bugs
16.5.10Fix minor bugs
16.5.3Minor changes
16.5.2Fix minor bugs
16.4.26Fix minor bugs
16.4.25Fix minor bugs
16.4.21Fix minor bugs
16.4.18Fix minor bugs
16.4.16Fix minor bugs
16.4.11Fix minor bugs
16.4.4Minor changes
16.3.23Fix minor bugs
16.3.16Fix minor bugs
16.3.12Fix minor bugs
16.3.2Fix minor bugs
16.2.29Adjusted: Drop target
16.2.23Fix minor bugs
16.2.20Minor changes
16.2.16Fix minor bugs
16.2.10Minor changes
16.2.8Fix minor bugs
16.2.2Fix minor bugs
16.2.1Adjusted: High DPI
16.1.14Fix minor bugs
16.1.11Adjusted: Regular expression
15.12.22Fix minor bugs
15.12.18Fix single line tab, context menu
15.12.6Fix minor bugs
15.12.1Fix minor bugs
15.11.30Fix minor bugs
15.11.27Minor changes
15.11.26Added French language file. Special thanks to Olivier Wuillemin
15.11.22Fix minor bugs
15.11.15Fix minor bugs
15.11.8Fix minor bugs
15.11.2Adjusted: Results folder
15.10.26Adjusted: Column, DLL
15.10.21Adjusted: Focus item
15.10.18Fix minor bugs
15.10.14Fix minor bugs
15.10.13Fix minor bugs
15.10.10Fix minor bugs
15.10.5Adjusted: Tree view, Column header
15.10.3Added Simplified Chinese language file. Special thanks to 秋寥
15.9.25Fix minor bugs
15.9.24Add type: Load layout & Save layout
15.9.11Adjusted: Environment
15.9.9Adjusted: Environment
15.9.5Adjusted: Environment
15.8.30Adjusted: Menus, Network
15.8.20Fix minor bugs
15.8.19Adjusted: Network
15.8.16Adjusted: Menus
15.8.14Adjusted: Network
15.8.9Adjusted: Start-up, Network
15.8.4Fix minor bugs
15.8.2Adjusted: Timeout, Shortcut
15.7.27Fix minor bugs
15.7.26Fix minor bugs
15.7.24Fix minor bugs
15.7.23Fix minor bugs
15.7.16Fix minor bugs
15.7.15Fix minor bugs
15.7.14Fix minor bugs
15.7.9Fix minor bugs
15.7.7Fix minor bugs
15.7.1Adjusted: Folder view engine
15.6.28Adjusted: Control panel
15.6.25Adjusted: Color
15.6.22Fix minor bugs
15.6.18Fix minor bugs
15.6.17Adjusted: Vista
15.6.16Added Italian language file. Special thanks to Michele Pezza.
15.6.15Some bugs were fixed
15.6.14Fix minor bugs
15.6.10Fix minor bugs
15.6.9Adjusted: Network
15.6.4Fix minor bugs
15.6.3Improved: Rocker gestures
15.6.2Adjusted: Folder view engine
15.5.25Fix minor bugs
15.5.20Fix minor bugs
15.5.18Some bugs were fixed
15.5.17Added: Customizing Size format
15.5.12Support: Custom draw
15.5.6Fix minor bugs
15.4.22Adjusted: Library, dpi, Rename
15.4.16Fix minor bugs
15.4.12Fix minor bugs
15.4.5Improved: Explorer Browser
15.3.29Added Portuguese language file. Special thanks to Sérgio Nova
15.3.22Fix minor bugs
15.3.18Adjusted: Total file size, Browser
15.3.15Fix minor bugs
15.3.12Fix minor bugs
15.3.8Fix minor bugs
15.3.4Adjusted: Environment variables
15.3.1Fix minor bugs
15.2.26Fix minor bugs
15.2.22Fix minor bugs
15.2.16Some bugs were fixed
15.2.14Improve performance in options.
15.2.9Support: Label
15.2.3Fix minor bugs
15.2.2Fix minor bugs
15.2.1Adjusted: Columns
15.1.25Fix minor bugs
15.1.22Fix minor bugs
15.1.21Some bugs were fixed
15.1.18Support: Total file size
15.1.8Fix minor bugs
15.1.4Adjusted: Start up
15.1.3Adjusted: Save config
15.1.2Adjusted: Columns
14.12.30Adjusted: Columns
14.12.29Adjusted: Options, IE6
14.12.24Adjusted: Start up
14.12.23Fix minor bugs
14.12.18Fix minor bugs
14.12.16Adjusted: Add-ons options
14.12.14Adjusted: Get Add-ons
14.12.13Some bugs were fixed
14.12.10Adjusted: Options
14.12.7Added German language file. Special thanks to LightTempler
14.12.5Fix minor bugs
14.12.4Adjusted: Tree view
14.12.1Adjusted: List view
14.11.26Adjusted: Drag and drop
14.11.23Adjusted: Drag and drop
14.11.18Some bugs were fixed
14.11.17Adjusted: Mouse, Menus, Seleted item, Multi process
14.11.10Adjusted: Vista
14.11.9Adjusted: Control Panel
14.11.5Some bugs were fixed
14.11.1Fix minor bugs
14.10.26Adjusted: String, Address, Key
14.10.21Adjusted: Status text
14.10.19Adjusted: New tab
14.10.6Fix minor bugs
14.9.28Adjusted: File operation
14.9.19Display an empty list when the folder does not exist at reload.
14.9.18Fix minor bugs
14.9.7Adjusted: Extract for Windows 8
14.9.1Fix minor bugs
14.8.10Adjusted: Explorer Browser
14.7.21Adjusted: HTML5 Drag and Drop
13.7.14Added Chinese Traditional language file. Special thanks to 風逸蘭
14.7.7Adjusted: Shutdown
14.6.26Some bugs were fixed
14.6.22Fix virus false detection
14.6.19Fix minor bugs
14.6.15Fix minor bugs(Add-ons)
14.5.4Adjusted: Disconnected network drives
14.4.27Fix minor bugs
14.4.20Adjusted: Event
14.4.13Adjusted: Navigation focused item
14.4.7Adjusted: Libraries / Fix XP bug.
14.3.30Fix minor bugs
14.3.25Fix minor bugs
14.3.24Fix minor bugs
14.3.23Added: Control IME Mode
14.3.16Adjusted: Menus
14.3.12Adjusted: Mouse gesture
14.3.11Adjusted: Exception
14.3.10Adjusted: Window themes
14.3.4Some bugs were fixed.
14.3.3Added: Results Folder
14.2.17Added: Search (Windows Vista or higher)
14.2.11Fix minor bugs
14.2.10Adjusted: Change notification
14.2.3Adjusted: Fully qualified path
14.1.27Adjusted: Extract
13.12.29Added: Context menu handler
13.12.22Adjusted: dialog
13.12.15Some bugs were fixed.
13.12.8Adjusted: menus
13.12.1Adjusted: menus
13.11.24Some bugs were fixed.
13.11.17Fix minor bugs
13.11.10Fix minor bugs
13.11.3Fix minor bugs
13.10.20Added multi command and adjusted the folder tree
13.10.11Adjusted the tab and folder tree
13.10.9Adjusted the folder tree
13.10.6Adjusted the network and property
13.10.1Fix minor bugs
13.9.29Adjusted for ExplorerBrowser
13.9.22Adjusted the network
13.9.15Adjusted for Windows 8.1
13.9.8Cooperation with external script.
13.9.1Added Spanish language file. Special thanks to Patricio M. Ros
13.8.19Fix minor bugs
13.8.18Adjusted for windows 2000
13.8.12Redesign the layout of the options window.
13.8.4Adjusted the options.
13.7.21It makes easier to create a submenu.
13.7.15Added the VERSIONINFO resource
13.7.7Fix minor bugs
13.6.3Fix minor bugs
13.5.7x64 version became available only for Windows Vista or upper.
13.4.22Fix minor bugs (Processing at the end)
13.4.21Fix minor bugs (special folders)
13.4.9Fix minor bugs (New tab)
13.4.7Fix minor bugs (Columns etc.)
13.3.31Adjusted the association
13.3.26Fix the problem of navigation lock at startup
13.3.24Corresponds to the enumeration of JavaScript
13.3.9Internet Explorer 6 & 10
13.3.2Fix minor bugs
13.3.1Internet Explorer 10
13.2.23Fix minor bugs
13.2.21Easier to customize
13.2.14Fix minor bugs
13.2.13Fix minor bugs
13.2.12Display smoothly
13.2.4Adjusted the main menu
13.1.28Improved overall
13.1.1Fix minor bugs
12.11.26Fix minor bugs
12.11.25Fix minor bugs
12.7.22Has been changed to Standard mode from Quirks mode Rendering mode.
12.4.8Adjusted the multiple launch.
12.3.25Adjusted the command-line processing.
12.3.18Adjusted the details
12.3.6Added the ability to put add-ons for each split-pane.
12.2.26Added the ability to open a folder in the menu.
12.2.21Adjusted the details
12.2.19Added the ability of Multi-threading and Tab groups
12.2.12Adjustments in the Windows 2000.
12.2.6Added the ability to install add-on.
12.2.5Added the ability to check for updates.
12.1.29Strengthening of OLE. Added the ability of History.
12.1.21Changed the specifications of the folder tree.
12.1.15Adjust the details
12.1.9Added the ability to set for the column.
12.1.1Became easy to add the menu from the add-on.
July 3, 2011Is now possible to detect the timing of opening of the Explorer.
June 26, 2011Added some API.
June 14, 2011Added the ability of add-ons.
June 7, 2011Added the ability of mouse gestures and alias.
May 31, 2011Adjusted the ability to send the context and customize the Help menu.
May 30, 2011Added the ability of Key, association, menus and lock.
May 23, 2011Added the ability of task tray.
May 15, 2011But not anymore ... May
April 1, 2011Such as those with a tab in Explorer software [32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64)]