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Tablacus Script Control History
Recent updates (2017-08-21)Eliminates the vulnerable to a DLL pre-loading attack.(setup.exe) (2017-07-24)fix memory corruption in OnScriptError() Special thanks to quension-gh (2017-06-20)Adjusted: Reset (2017-02-25)Adjusted: AddObject (2017-02-23)Changed the compiler to Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition. (2017-01-28)Supported: Error object (2017-01-27)Fix minor bugs (2017-01-26)Adjusted: Error handling. Special thanks to Terricide (2017-01-12)Adjusted: Type Library (2015-11-12)Fix minor bugs (2015-10-29)Fix minor bugs (2015-10-02)Adjusted for warnigs (C4312) (2014-01-18)Adjusted for Delphi (2014-01-17)Added Installer (2014-01-16)New