Tablacus Explorer WebView2
Version 24.1.9
Tablacus Explorer Blink extension.
Download (181.8KB)
Release date: Tue, 9 Jan 2024
For Windows 10/11 32-bit / 64-bit.
  • This extension is for using Blink engine (Chromium) in Tablacus Explorer.
Set up:
  • Extract Tablacus Explorer(20.11.21 or later, latest version recommended) to the appropriate folder.
  • Copy Tablacus Explorer WebView2 lib folder to the above installed folder.
  • Windows 10: Install one of WebView2 Runtime(Recommended), Edge Beta, Edge Dev, Edge Canary.
  • Windows 11: WebView2 Runtime is included.
  • Run TE64.exe or TE32.exe
※It is recommended to open Tools -> Add-ons, turn on/off some add-ons and press OK to update add-on information before installing Tablacus Explorer WebView2 to take over the previous environment.

  • Delete installed folder.