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Folder settings


Apply a specific view to a specific folder based on folder name pattern Memorize listview settings and automatically restores them. A very powerful help for daily work.

By default, TE adheres to the current tab view when you navigate. This add-on lets TE adhere to the rules you specified, regardless of the currently used view.

Windows Explorer can save this settings too, but with this addon feel free to manually fine tune, filter with wildcards (e.g. C:\Windows*) and add many more presets (e.g. Tiles view with picture dimensions for your picture folders, audio details for your music folders ...)


  1. Design things like column selection, width of columns, view mode, column order, sort order, zoom level (Ctrl+MouseWheel)etc. ...
  2. Open the Options dialog and navigate to of add-on Folder Settings select Use current folder view
  3. Accept with Ok button
  4. You get the current full path as filter in list (left and top right) and all saved settings in listbox (middle right)
  5. You can optionally change the full path in the Filter field into a generic filter with wildcards to make it match several folders of the same type, rather that just the current one.
  6. Don't forget to accept with Ok button on bottom.
  1. First set up a view for general file folders (use * as filter).
  2. Then set up the views for common exceptions.
  3. Lastly setup specific views for particular cases


Config file


Quickly access settings.

If you find yourself frequently setting up folder view settings, and need a convenient way to quickly access this addon settings you can set up a new menu entry or toolbar button to access them by adding a new entry to the desired menu or toolbar, setting it to JScript and under options entering AddonOptions("foldersettings")

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任意のフォルダを常に同じ表示になるように設定する。 (メニュー>ツール>このフォルダーのカスタマイズの使用には、このアドオンが必要)