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Addon to synchronize navigation on two panes. You can enable it from the toolbar button Synchronize after installation


After enabling this addon tries to synchronize navigation on two panes simultaneously so that actions on the active pane are replicated to the inactive pane automatically.

This allows you to browse two similar folder structures on different drives or locations simultaneously, like a backup drive, or a duplicate of a folder.


Upon activation from the toolbar, if you enter a folder called Documents on the current pane, Tablacus will try to find a folder Documents in the inactive pane and enter it automatically, so both panes end up inside the same folder automatically, without explicit user intervention.

If you navigate back, or to parent folder, it will replicate in the inactive pane and try to keep both tabs in sync.

You can enable it by default on startup under Preferences > Addons > Synchronize > General, then tick the Enabled option