cbcopy Clipboard Copy Stored in both text and files when copying to the clipboard.
remember Remember folder view settings Automatically remember folder view settings.
addfavorites Add to Favorites Add to Favorites Button
touch Change the Date modified Change the Date modified in the context menu.
run Run Display the Run Dialog.
tabparentname Tab Parent Folder Name Tab displays the name of the parent folder.
tabdrivename Tab Drive Name Tab displays the name of the drive.
preventduplicatetabs Prevent Duplicate Tabs Prevent Duplicate Tabs
openinstead Open Instead Open Instead of Explorer
back Back Back Button
forward Forward Forward Button
up Up Up Button
newtab New Tab New Tab Button
refresh Refresh Refresh Button
titlebar Title Bar Title Bar
mainmenu Main Menu Main Menu
addressbar Address Bar Address Bar
drivebar Drive Bar Drive Bar
key Key Key
filterbar Filter Bar Filter Bar
mouse Mouse Mouse button and gestures
statusbar Status Bar Status Bar
tabs Tabs Tabs
tasktray Task Tray Task Tray
treeview Tree View Tree View
linkbar Link Bar Link Bar
foldersettings Folder Settings Folder Settings
simpleaddressbar Simple Address Bar Simple Address Bar
simpletoolbar Simple Tool Bar Simple Tool Bar
smallicons Small Icons The following add-ons are displayed as small icons.
controlpanelbutton Control Panel Button Control Panel
drivebutton Drive Button Button Drive Button
favoritesbar Favorites Bar Favorites Bar
toolbar Tool Bar Tool Bar
undoclosetab Undo Close Tab Undo Close Tab.
preview Preview Preview
split Split Split
foldericon Folder Icon Folder icon to icon.
escape Escape Unicode Unicode characters and bad characters to escape.
clipboard Clipboard Clipboard Button
extract Extract Extract the compressed files
How to install add-ons
  • Extract a ZIP file to your "addons" folder.
  • Can be installed from the button "Get Add-ons..." in the options.